Creative Exit Slips

This year one of my goals was to incorporate quick formative assessments to check for student understanding. Exits slips seemed like an easy place to start and I have learned to love them! Over the summer while perusing Pinterest (I LOVE this site!!) I came across an awesome poster board (see below) made with sticky notes then laminated for easy re-use.


I used sticky notes with a fully sticky back so that the poster would easily slide through the laminator. Students “stick” their exit slips to the squares in a nice orderly fashion and my OCD side is happy! lol I have students write their names on the back of their sticky note to keep their answers anonymous. I love how I can just look over the board and get a general idea of where the class is on a concept.


IMG_1932 IMG_1924I

“What Stuck w/you” isn’t the only heading I use for my exit slip board. I’ve come up/found a few other ideas that I like to use to keep it from becoming monotonous.


Parking Lot – Student’s leave a question on the board which will be their starting point the next day.

Hash tag – students love to “#” everything so with this exit slip they must come up with a three-four word summary of what they learned in class that day/key concepts.

Tweets – using their favorite form of social media, students write a summary in 120 characters or less (bonus points if you can get them to really tweet out their thoughts!).

Ticket to Leave – I like to have students come up with Movie/Concert titles.

I also really like the 3-2-1 Method where students write down 3 things they learned, 2 interesting facts, and 1 question they still have. I haven’t used this one yet but hope to incorporate it with our readings.

How have you used exit slips in your classroom? Any helpful suggestions or ideas on keeping exit slips as a useful tool in the classroom?

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