My Classroom

Welcome to my happy little corner of the building! At the bottom you’ll find pictures of how I set up my room and how I use all the spaces. This year I’m teaching Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2. Below you’ll see how we’ve split the Oklahoma Academic Standards of Science for Chemistry between the two courses. (similar to the Next Generation Science Standards for those not in Oklahoma). You may notice some standards are repeated between the two courses. As with any transition year, we were able to address different standards last year in Chem 1 which affects what I teach in Chem 2. This year we are changing it up again so my Chem 2 classes next year will be a little different…again. It may seem inconsistent but we try to teach according to the students we have each year so order tends to change. As the year goes on I’ll also include¬†links to blog posts so that you can follow all the adventures in my classes!

Chemistry 1

Structures & Properties of Matter

Chemical Reactions

  • Bundle 1: HS-PS1-2, HS-PS1-4, and HS-PS1-7
  • Bundle 2: HS-PS1-5, HS-PS1-6, and HS-PS1-7

Chemistry 2

Chemical Reactions

  • Bundling: HS-PS1-4, HS-PS1-5, HS-PS1-6, and HS-PS1-7


  • Bundling: HS-PS3-3 and HS-PS3-4


  • Bundling: HS-PS4-1 and HS-PS4-3

Acids & Bases

  • Bundling: HS-PS1-3, and HS-PS1-6